Common Toilet Problems & Ways To Handle Them

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I think most of us have encountered this somewhat embarrassing scenario, especially in the office or even in your house when it comes to toilet problems. However, these kinds of issues are often encountered by most people of different ages. It is then that calling plumbing services is your number one option to handle this kind of situation. Get in touch with our certified North Hollywood plumbers for top-notch plumbing services.

Toilet Problems/Ways To Fix Them:

Clogged Toilet- 

This might be the most common problem of them all. A clogged toilet happens all the time, especially if you’re not careful enough when using it. 

Solution: When this happens, you need your plunger and give it a go! Or try another home remedy available to unclog it.

Low water levels in the toilet’s tank- 

There are several reasons why the water level in your toilet’s tank is low. One of which is the toilet tank fill tube may be broken or incorrectly positioned, making it the water to struggle to reach its designated level.

Solution: Raise the tank lid to inspect the fill tube to determine whether it has shifted or damaged. If the fill tube is in good condition but not attached to the overflow tube, place it back into the cylinder.

Flapper Problems ( Bent or Warped)- 

Bent or warped flappers are likely to affect your toilet’s flushing ability. Deformed flappers can cause extra water to flow into the toilet bowl between flushes, which may cause low water levels in the toilet tank and prevent flushing.

Solution: Flapper is inexpensive, and you can buy it at any hardware. All you have to do is to replace it.

Broken Lift Chain- 

A poorly functioning lift chain can also give you some trouble when flushing your toilet. If it is not in the right place or broken, it affects the ability of your toilet in terms of flushing.

Solution: Shut off the water supply and remove the flapper and try removing the chain from the flapper and install the new chain.

If any of these solutions is giving you a hard time, you know that the team of commercial plumbing contractors are available 24/7, ready to do it for you. We have all the knowledge, experience, and tools to get you covered. So, whenever you hire us, expect us to deliver quality work and accurate solutions.

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