When Should I Hire A Professional Plumber?


Knowing when to hire a plumbing specialist can save your money from frequent and costly repairs. You should hire a professional plumber when the problem is extensive and requires full-range inspections and repairs, and if there’s a higher possibility of doing more damages than good.

When the following situations below occur, you should reach out to a licensed and professional plumber. So, you get to know and hire a good plumbing specialist in your area and keep his name and number handy for emergencies.

Faucet is dripping

Whether it’s the running toilet, a faucet, or showerhead, always put in mind that wasting water is going to cost you more money. The accurate solution to such problems could be fast and easy. When it is your toilet that’s kept on running, you should examine it to make sure that the flapper in the tank is in its proper place. Even if one or two of your faucets only needs new gaskets or similar quick repairs, having a plumbing specialist do it means that you are not risking further issues by trying to make them on your own.

Drain is clogged

A clogged drain is one of the problems that most household owners may think. They can handle it on their own, but that is not generally the correct way of resolving it. Whether your toilet is backing up or your drain is clogging! you can try to plunge the clog lose right away. If you cannot get through to that issue on your own? Then you have the freedom to hire a fully equipped and licensed plumber to help you with your plumbing concerns. Don’t use or trust any ineffective chemical drain cleaners—they don’t give accurate and long-lasting results.

Hot Water Turns Cold

We all know that there are some things as frustrating as taking a hot shower that is met with tepid water. If you notice that your hot water is not hot? You must inspect the thermostat on the tank first because it may have been turned down accidentally. So, if everyone in your place has taken a shower, done with the laundry, and washed all of the dishes? then it’s time for you to wait for your hot water tank to fill back up again. If nothing of the sort has happened? Then feel free to call and hire us. Because you may have a serious problem with your water heater.

Hire A Professional Plumber If:

  • You hear the water flowing even if you are not using any.
  • You notice some smelly sewage in your place.
  • Your hot water tank is dripping.
  • The yard is turning into a pond.
  • Your drains and toilet are backing up into your entire area.

Feel free to hire our experts at Phenom Plumbers right away. We are always ready to provide you sewer line repair, clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, faucet repair, and any other emergency plumbing services that you may need. Don’t wait for any problem to be more complicated! Contact our customer services team right away!