Sneaky Ways to Save More Money on Monthly Water Bills

High Electricity Bill

You can’t live without water as you need it to survive, and that is a fact. But do you know what you can survive without? High water bills! If you are smart enough about your water consumption, you will have to watch some of your money go straight down the drain. 

Owning a home is expensive: house taxes and leases, minor fixes and renovation, and electricity and water bills. Yet, there is still a lot you can do to cut back when it comes to your monthly water bill. Check out these surprisingly fast and sneaky ways, so you can start saving water today and take a load off yourself: 

  • Replace your current toilet and shower head with energy-saving models, which use less than half the water as your older standard types.
  • Install an aerator to the faucet as it reduces the water flow without compromising performance.
  • Replace your toilet flapper yearly as they tend to wear down as quickly as you think.
  • Investigate leaks, as even how small it is, it could be dumping gallons of water down the drain daily. Repair them right away.
  • Ensure your sprinklers are set on the right amount of water to be released and assure they are only hitting plants and lawn.
  • Cut the water consumption in half by showering for five minutes.
  • When shaving and brushing your teeth, turn off the water, and you’d be shocked to see how much water it saves!
  • Save water by collecting rainwater to be used for watering plants. Just place buckets outdoors!
  • Place ice cubes on hanging plants so that they have a chance to soak up all the water to avoid watering excess, and it would not cause too quickly overflow spillage.
  • Use the proper pot size when heating water for cooking, and make sure that only the amount of water needed is being used.
  • Inspect if you have a broken water meter, as you are likely paying for more water than you are using.
  • Instead of grass, replace them with shrubs and trees as they require less water.


When conserving water, remember a little effort goes a long way. When we are mindful and aware of what we are doing, we can take huge steps towards reduced water usage. 

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